The power of the third party

It’s no secrete that debt collection works primarily because of the power of a third party being involved.


We’ve all been there. A customer wont pay after months of statements, reminder emails and phone calls.


Then you bite the bullet, get fed up and send them off to debt collection.


Like magic, the customer suddenly settles their account.


But what did the debt collector do?


The answer is – not much.


Your customer paid because they perceived an increase in seriousness, simply because of the third party debt collector being involved.


Get Paid gives you the power of this third party at a fraction of a cost.

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Get Paid gives you the power of a third party debt collector being involved by communicating to your debtor through our partner collection company Adams Wills & Associates.


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The problem with traditional debt collection companies in New Zealand is:


1. Their sneaky “minimum collection fees”
Does it make sense to chase a $200 debt if the collection company charges a minimum collection fee of $80 + GST?


2. They go after the low hanging fruit
If they haven’t got a commission after spending minimal time on your debt then they are quick to bury your debt in the un-recoverable pile – AKA the “the too hard basket”


3. They don’t want your small debts
Collecting small debts takes about the same amount of effort as collecting larger debts. Why would they do the same amount of work for less commission? Hence point 1 above.

The problem with old school debt collection

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